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Rehab Work

A selection of testimonials from our Rehab clients


"Before I took Charlie, my 9 year old Welsh Cob, to Samsara Equitation I was close to having him put to sleep. He was very difficult to handle and visits to a top equine hospital, riders and physios had brought no change and the vets didn't give him any hope of working safely again. He had to be sedated to be shod, went with his nose in the air and had no top line however much he was fed. My confidence was also at rock bottom. After going through Samsara's Muscle Oil Therapy which showed the problem was that Charlie had unresolved pain in his shoulders, I decided to keep my horse with Stephen for four months. During this time I had 2 riding lessons a week which were generously included in the fees. People now don't recognise Charlie (or Me!) when we are out riding. He's a delight, looks like a million dollars and I feel confident and safe on him to deal with most eventualities. We have even started jumping again, something I thought I'd never do and just one lesson with Stephen has sorted that out too! In short I am enjoying riding again...oh and the farrier is happy too! Thanks Stephen and Julie for a great job and for the commitment and support you have given me and Charlie." Sally, Kington

10 yo ISH with KS does her first clinic

Squirrel's owner brought her to us after having the KS diagnosis and the advice she was too dangerous to ride and should be PTS! She has done her first clinic and is about to do her first ridden test.

" I can't thank Stephen enough for his dedication, belief and hard work for literally saving Squirrel's life. I urge anyone who knows or owns a horse who is having problems to give Samsara a call. Squirrel and I were in a very bad place when we got in touch with them, but a phone call later and a visit from Stephen left me feeling that I had found an ally, a teacher and a friend. I can't wait to bring her home and thank you for helping us continue our journey." Lindsay Woodford, Wilts.

14 year old ex-racehorse with KS going much better

"My horse has always been a difficult and unpredictable horse to train and ride.  A year ago he was diagnosed with severe kissing spines.  I was distraught and unwilling to put him through surgery at his age (fourteen), and with his temperament.  When I found Samsara’s website I was unconvinced but I am very happy that I took the time to meet with Stephen and hear his philosophies.  Six weeks later Flame was on his way to Wales for three months.  Nearly a full year later Flame is much more pleasurable to ride, easier to train, definitely much happier , and my vet has admitted “that they did a very good job”!  Even better his recent x-rays show no further degeneration of the kissing spines, and after a recent examination my vet is very pleased with Flame’s physical health and fitness and the lack of back pain ... I owe this all to Stephen!" SH, London

8 Year old mare is finally sound

"My mare Aurora had injuries that limited her work and made progression with her training difficult. It was hard to know what to do next as we had exhausted all other avenues. The therapies we had tried all helped but they did not seem to go ‘deep enough’ to address the root cause. Aurora is a complicated mare with complicated issues! The treatment that Samsara offer is comprehensive as it is the ‘whole approach’ to the horse and I felt that this would be perfect for Aurora. After the treatment at Samsara, Aurora has made a huge step forward in the healing process. She no longer shows the tightness along her back that was stopping her from engaging and lifting. Her cadence has improved as well as her willingness to work. She has definitely turned a corner. I feel that the treatment did not just scratch the surface but instead went deep enough to allow healing to take place that, with correct work, will continue.


Thank you to Stephen and the team :)  Lynn Henry, Leeds (Think Like a Pony)

My Horse was classed as dangerous

CS's horse had not even been ridden as a 5 year-old so to be told that even before starting she should be put on the scrap heap was devastating especially since she had such high hopes for a top bred horse. Read (and see her story):

"My horse was condemned 18 months ago as dangerous and never to be ridden again. Kissing Spines was the diagnosis. I felt in my heart that there was something to be done but it was only when I came across Samsara who said they could help that my hopes rose. Now, 3 months on, I have ridden her myself and my dream is once again alive. Thanks for everything. I would highly recommend Samsara to anyone who is having problems with their horse." CS, Cannes, February 2012

Click here to view the video of CS riding her horse for the first time.

Tonise no longer lame

Tonise is a 7 year-old mare who despite being with a very capable rider was not moving well and in fact when we came to treat her had become lame. After 2 months of treatment she was back in work again and fully sound and over 18 months later still sound.

"As you can see in the video Tonise was lame before being treated. Although she was not always lame her movement was never what I knew it could be despite having made huge improvements with me. Thanks to the Samsara Muscle Treatment my mare is no longer carrying pain in her body and is much more supple. Also she doesn't now need warming up much before starting training. She was very stiff because of years of bad training. Now with the treatment and a different way of training she’s a much happier and healthier horse!" Monique de Rijk, Atletische Rijkunst

Click here to watch the video.

Visit and assessment

Here's a link to a response from a visit Stephen made to visit some horses at a holiday riding centre in Central France.

6 year-old gelding diagnosed with Kissing Spines

Henry was a 6 year-old gelding diagnosed with Kissing Spines. He spent a week with us being assessed and although the work was not completed the owner was impressed enough to say: 

 "Thank you so much for the work you have done with Henry. It's amazing the difference in him in just a week, the fact he can be ridden is fantastic and after I was advised to retire him to grass as a late 4 yr old!! I won't be letting that good work go to waste and will continue his education/work once I have found a competent, confident rider. I would love for him to come to you maybe once or twice a month for a lesson. Many Thanks again." Jodi Sinclair, Hereford

8 year-old gelding at the end of the road

Beau had run out of options. He had been bought to be ridden out but had never managed it due to a bad habit of bucking severely at canter. NOw, after 3 months with us he is back with his owner.


"My 8 year-old gelding Beau has been very difficult for the 4 years I have had him. He was prone to bucking at canter and it had got so bad that no-one could ride him anymore. I spent a lot of money on trying to find the solution but nothing seemed to help and veterinary tests were showing nothing wrong. Then I met Samsara. To my delight and relief 3 months later he is now back with us and for the first time since I have had him being ridden quite happily." Carol Church, Tregoyd

Samsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, HerefordSamsara Equitation Equine Rehab Centre - nr. Whitney-on-Wye, Hereford


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